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Study visa permit

Study Permit Visa Canada is required for international students after admission to a University or College (DLI) in Canada. Qualified international students may also be eligible for a Canadian work permit or may follow an immigration path to Canadian Citizenship. This website contain information on Canada international study permit and visa information.

Study Permit Visa - International Student services

Why study in Canada?

Study Permit visa for International Student - Immigration Consultant

Study permit visa process - Go to Canada Immigration Consultant provide international students with tailored professional immigration services to help them study in Canada. Our ICCRC immigration consulting services include:Study permit visa Canada

  • Admission: We will complete and submit your admission application to secondary, post-secondary, University or College
    designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as a designated learning institution (DLI) and provide you with the specific requirement for each educational institution in Canada suitable for your field of study;
  • Study Visa: Our licensed registered Canadian immigration consultants RCIC will advise you on the supporting documents required for your study visa, prepare and submit your study visa application to immigration Canada IRCC;
  • Dormitory: International students may be eligible for a reduce rates on campus residence and meal program. Go to Canada Immigration consultants will provide with all the settlement options available to you and facilitate your residence and settlement plans.

International students experience an amazing life changing experience to study in Canada in one of the highest standards of education, safest, clean and healthiest environment in the world.

Go to Canada immigration consultants provide quick processing of your study visa application. Take our free online immigration eligibility assessment now. We shall get back to you in 1 business day.

Opportunity to Work, get Canadian Permanent Residency and Canadian Citizenship

Qualified International students on a valid study permit visa who completed post-secondary education in Canada are eligible for Post-Secondary Work Permit to remain in Canada work and gain Canadian experience for up to a maximum of 3 years after graduation. International students in Canada must stop working on the day they no longer meet the above eligibility requirements unless otherwise authorized to do so by having applied for a work permit.

The following international students on a valid study permit are not eligible for an off-campus work-permit:

  • Students taking a general interest course or program;
  • Students enrolled in an English as a Second Language or French as a Second Language programs; and
  • Visiting or exchange students at a designated learning institution.

Once the international student graduates from their program course, a Post-Graduation Work Permit may be obtained.

Eligible International students may apply for Canadian permanent residency under one of the PR streams including Experience Class, Express Entry and provincial nominee programs. Immigrants with valid permanent residency may receive Canadian Citizenship after meeting the residency requirement.

International Students receive Recognized Education

Canada is home to the best School, Colleges and Universities in the world. Post-secondary education in Canada will open doors for your future and benefit your career worldwide. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States and the Commonwealth countries like Australia and New Zealand. The number of international students studying in Canada is more than 300,000and growing. Many International students choose Canada over other countries for many reasons.

Affordable Education for International Students

The cost of education and living expenses for international students in Canada are lower than the United States and the United Kingdom. The lower cost and high standard of education makes Canada the preferred choice for international students attending post-secondary, graduate or post-graduate college or universities in Canada.

Canada a Multicultural Society

Canada feels just like home. Canada multicultural societies reduce cultural integration for international students. Shortly after your arrival to Canada on a valid study permit visa you are most likely to connect with other international students from your country community studying at Canadian post-secondary institutions. You will also learn where to find shops and restaurants that serve your hoe made food.

Safe Living

Canada is ranked among  the best places in the world to live. International students studying in Canada on a valid study permit visa enjoy all of the same freedoms provided to Canadians Citizens with respect to Safety, Security, human rights, equality, and a stable and peaceful society.

Technology and Advancements

Canada’s post-secondary campuses are equipped with the latest technology. Olympic-quality sports facilities, High speed internet, state of the art public transportation Canada’s post-secondary campuses offer you enormous possibilities for education, sport and leisure. International students on a valid study permit visa can have access to all amenities offered by post-secondary schools in Canada.

To learn more about how you can study in Canada post-secondary study permit visa,  fill out a free study visa assessment, our immigration consultants will guide you and explain your options for studying in Canada.